Terms of service

1.1 Bottega del Gioiello, based in Corso Italia 179/181, 80067 Sorrento NA, registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Naples, VAT number 01248761213, with the legal representation of Luigi Esposito, selling products (see point 2.1 for a detailed description of products), on our official website of a commercial activity, selling exclusively to consumers over the age of 18. 
1.2 “Consumer” – intending physical clients who are unrelated to any business or professional activity carried out. Clients who do not fit this description are therefore asked to refrain from carrying out any operation online. We, in turn, reserve the right to refuse an order from a client who does not fit the description mentioned above of “consumer”.  

2 The Contract 

2.1 Bottega del Gioiello, via its website, sells exclusively new products, specifically brand name time pieces. 

2.2 The above-mentioned products in point 2.1 can be viewed online on our website in the individual product information page. Please note that the images and colours depicted in the product information pages can differ slightly due to the internet browser or the screen being used to visualise the page. Bottega del Gioiello cannot be held responsible for any difference due to this occurrence. 

3. Method of execution of the contract

3.1 Ordering the product can be carried out by the consumer by carrying out the electronic compilation of the appropriate form, following the instructions provided.

3.2 The order form will contain the details of the product that the consumer is interceded in, the photograph, the price (including taxes), the payment details and the delivery information.

3.3 Upon completion of the order form – this will need to be sent electronically to Bottega del Gioiello, thus completing the order process. The validity and the execution of the order will start from the time that the completed order form arrives at Bottega del Gioiello, and not before, who, in turn, will send electronic confirmation of the order to the buyer, reconfirming all details provided. 

3.4 Upon electronically sending the order form, the consumer accepts the general conditions of the contract and the privacy regulations. 

3.5 In the case that the selected product is not available at the time the order form is received, Bottega del Gioiello will contact the consumer electronically to advise of the situation. 

3.6 In the case of clause 3.5, should the consumer no longer wish to go through with the order, we request that you advise us electronically within 3 days of receiving our communication, whereupon the contract will be considered terminated. 

4 Obligations of Jewellers Bottega del Gioiello SRL 

4.1 Bottega del Gioilello commits to ensuring the buyer the goods that are stated in the sales order contract. On all products there is the warranty for manufacturing faults and defects, provided by the manufacturer, for a period not less than 2 years valid from the date of delivery. The warranty service does not extend to wear and tear, scratches or other signs that are due to poor care being taken of the product. Should you require to use the warranty, contact us directly and we will provide all the information required. 

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